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10 DIY Wedding Cake Designs

May 10, 2018

Wedding cakes have become a customary tradition of any wedding off late. However, it is not necessary that you get a jazzy cake from one of the biggest bakers. You can cook up a brilliant wedding cake on your own with just the right set of ideas, skills and tools.

Floral Cake

Floral cakes look elegantly beautiful at a wedding. Despite being high on looks, the floral cakes are extremely easy to bake. The secret to crafting those amazing flowers is tissue paper. All one needs to prepare a base and cream and add flowers made from tissue paper atop the cake.

Glitter Dust Cake

Simplicity is the best virtue. Keeping the thought in mind you can actually cook up a wedding cake, which is not only aesthetic but also rich in taste. Bake a cheesecake and dust some glitter on top if using some geometric instruments.

Chocolate Leaf Cake

Leaf-based wedding cakes are another variety of DIY cakes. Take some edible dried leaves, apply chocolate or vanilla sauce on them and refrigerate the leaves. Once refrigerated you can remove the leave and use the chocolate. Later on, you can use the chocolate shaped leaves in addition to your already baked cake.

Poppies Cake

Poppies cakes are some of the best DIY wedding cakes which look fascinating and taste amazing. All you need is to prepare a fondant layered cake and insert some crafted crepe paper to give it a crumpled flowery look.

Rose Piped Cake

Those infamous rose-piped style wedding cakes which seem so magical are actually easy to make; Start by creating a plain fondant and paste the print out of roses and apply piper frosting along the lines. Voila, the cake is ready to be served.

Chocolate Panel Cake

Another celebrated variety of wedding cakes which you can cook in your kitchen is the chocolate panel cake. Crafted with architectural brilliance, chocolate panel cakes are simple to bake. Get a cheesecake or cream cake and some chocolate panels. Apply the panels in varying heights across the circumference of the cake.

Bouquet Cake

Thanks to the CakeVase, you can easily merge flower bouquets with your cake without any worries. The apparatus holds the flowers in a way that they don’t touch the cake ensuring that the design of the cake remains intact.

Crushed Candy Cake

Another wedding cake design which can be prepared at your home is the Crushed Candy Cake. Get your favourite candies, crush them and spread them all over the cake to get a perfect glittery cake.

Teardrop Cake

Teardrop wedding cakes can be simply created by getting some fondant and cutting shapes of teardrop cookies. Colour these shapes with food colours and paste them into a cake. The result is an awesome teardrop cake.

Digital Printed Cake

Just take a print out of any photo, design or pattern and get it pressed on a baking sheet. You can now cover your wedding cake with this baking sheet to give it an emotional touch.

Enjoy using the ideas mentioned above to create some tasteful and visually appealing wedding cakes on your own.

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