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10 Common Myths About Wedding Music

December 21, 2017

Debunk the classic myths about wedding music by taking a few pointers from us. From hiring a band or a DJ to making sure that your preferences are considered

Please read on below to identify the 10 most common wedding music myths:

DJ’s talk way too much

DJ’s are as dynamic as they come. Fundamentally, they are designed to woo and stump their audience. However, most people at weddings often feel that a DJ speaks more than he spins. But, this is a myth, as experienced DJ’s are aware of the correct time to speak and DJ’s are responsible for passing on some information to the audience given by you.

Bands interrupt to take a break, quite frequently

Another misconception about wedding music is that a band often takes a break of 15-20 minutes after playing for 45-60 minutes straight on. For such discrepancies, you must always ask the band to manage its downtime so as to keep the atmosphere lively and joyous.

DJ’s tend to get cheesy

Often, wedding music is standard and doesn’t involve anything fresh or unique. It is one of the commonest myths about wedding music. You can always discuss and arrange for a specific set of music to be played by your DJ on your wedding.

Everything is under control

Control is an illusion and you must accept the fact as it is very much possible that things you discussed with your band or the DJ may not pan out exactly as you may wish. Your set of instructions thus must be only a guideline allowing the DJ or the band to cast their magic freely.

Line dances are band favorites

Usually, people at the wedding have this common misconception that the band wants them to dance along in a line or a circle. The fact is not at all true and those days are long gone. The band is hired only to play music and entertain people.

Variety is not a band’s cup of tea

People mostly feel that a band cannot offer a variety of the wedding music as they are accustomed to playing same songs over and again. The assumption is absolutely wrong as the band is well equipped with playing songs as per as your demand keeping alive the freshness of the wedding music.

Hire a bar band

The false pretense of hiring a band or a DJ better suited for clubbing and partying often backfires in the couple’s face. Wedding bands and DJs should be preferable due to their experience and ability to tackle the situation.

DJ is cheaper

The common misconception that a DJ is cheaper than a band is ridiculous. Depending upon the quality, the equipment, and the popularity; both the band the DJ cost anywhere same.

Choose only one; the DJ or the band

The misguided fact about hiring only a DJ or a band is also quite common at weddings. Depending on your taste and budget, you can both or either of them.

Slow songs, then fast, cakes later

The specific sequence of slow and fast music is another common myth about any wedding music. Ideally, the DJ or the band must be well equipped with mixing both of them to engage the audience effectively.

So, now that you are aware of some of misconceptions and delusions about wedding music, we expect you to choose wisely.

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