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10 Best DIY Ideas for Wedding Favor

November 27, 2017

To make the wedding special you can add a lot of fun ideas by using some creativity and excitement to it. Just make your wedding event by using your own simple and interesting ideas. Wedding favors are the best way to tell your guests that they are special in every way. These favors are also a subtle way of showing your gratitude to your guests. The small favors also become lifetime memory for your guests and help them to remember your special day the way you remember it. There are many Do It Yourself ideas that can make your wedding just very special. Here are some DIY ideas for the Wedding Favor.


You can make small sachets with the low cost just by spending some time in sewing. The sweet smelling sachets will add unlimited fragrance to guests. You can create these by using dried lavender and vintage fabric.


Let the little magnets make your wedding special in every way. The guests can take these home with their pictures on them if you set up a photo booth for the special day.


You can gift the colorful shades to your guests and get an awesome shoot on the warm summer days. The synchronization all around will surely make the surrounding very lively.

Scratch Ticket

The scratch tickets can be made with minimal effort as you can simply wrap each ticket in glassine envelop and seal it with a sticker of your wedding logo. Your surprises will surely bring smiles to every face.

Tasty Treats

Nothing can be more cherished than the bar of tasty treats so just prepare a few for your friends and family. A baggie full of tasty treats can include cookies, candies, popcorns granola and nuts can thus be given as wedding favors.

Fortune Cookies

These budgeted cookies are easily available in the market; you can simply replace the old fortunes with some messages or fortunes of your own.

Spices for You

Putting a few spices in the small jars and gifting the same to your guests can be just very special. You can make use of handmade cloth and bags for this purpose.


You can buy small tins of mint and make your own labels and put them in the small boxes of tins. Make sure you keep some interesting as well as rewarding messages for all your guests.

Infused Oil

Infuse your special touch in the small bottles of vodka, oil or honey and make your guests happy as well as inspired.

Tea and Coffee Bags

The handmade customized bags with small quantity of tea and coffee are the best wedding favors for your guests. This is also budgeted as well as an interesting wedding favor.

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