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10 Amazing Things That Make You Attend Marriage In Villages

April 18, 2018

Wedding in villages is an exciting idea as it will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you can enjoy the nature and serenity there. Theme weddings are in trend these days and if you make your wedding happen in the village, it will surely be very different and people will enjoy it to the fullest. Take your friends and family to a village for your wedding and be prepared to get compliments. There are many amazing things that you can experience if you attend marriages in the village and the memories you collect can be cherished for lifelong.

  • In the Lap of the Mother Nature :
  • Villages are still full of scenic beauty and free from pollution. You can enjoy every bit of fresh air and nature bounties if you attend a marriage in the village.

  • Traditions Alive :
  • Traditions, which are losing their essence in the cities, can be relived in the villages. You can experience some of the traditional practices, which are not being practiced in the urban areas at all.

  • Open Venue :
  • The villages have lot of space to offer. You can look for a nice, clean, and open venue and get it decorated according to your whims and wishes.

  • Serenity:
  • If you are looking for peace filled with fun, then this is the place. Your search will end in any of the villages. You can approach your wedding planner and they will suggest you the best fit village.

  • Little Things Enjoyment:
  • You might not get all the facilities that you can avail in the big cities but you can just enjoy the simplicity if you plan the marriage in a village.

  • Local Food:
  • If you are planning your marriage in the village, then you can opt for a menu, which is truly local. It will certainly be different from what you get in the cities but will be prepared with love and you can enjoy something new.

  • Simplicity Will Win Heart:
  • Simplicity is the beauty of the villages. The people of the countryside are away from the pompous city life and are amusingly happy. You can enjoy their presence around.

  • Enjoy Local Music:
  • If you get lucky to conduct your marriage in a village, then you will have an opportunity to enjoy the local music played by the village musicians. This music will surely be soothing and different from the lot of loud party music that is being played in the cities.

  • Amazing Ambience:
  • An authentic ambiance with charpais (cots) or wooden benches, grass mats, colorful matkas, or bangle decorations is characteristic of a village wedding scene.

  • Feel of Festival:
  • The marriages in a village are just like a festival for the entire village, wherein every person in the village is invited to grace the occasion. weddings in Indian villages are celebrated with a lot of pomp and gaiety.

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