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10 Amazing Marriage Gift For Your Friend’s Wedding

December 26, 2017

Marriage is a special occasion for any couple and is made more memorable by all who are attending it. However, it’s so damn difficult to choose a marriage gift for friends. No one will want to give their besties the usual stuff.

Hamper of personalized things

A hamper consisting of personalized things can be a good idea. In that, one can include things such as special coffee mug for two, designer cushion covers with the couple’s picture, beer mugs, wall clock, table lamps, keychain and some stuff that the couple can use once married life begins. These gifts are both thoughtful and easily available.

Getaway Voucher

Once the shaadi madness is over, the couple needs some quality time with each so, gifting a getaway voucher for the newlywed’s honeymoon trip to a beautiful destination will be a good idea. This kind of gift will surely be considered a thoughtful gesture as the couple gets to spend quality time with each other without having to worry about the gradations of the trip.

Spa Vouchers

Traditional Indian marriages are long, tiring process with a number of ceremonies spanning over days. It would be a nice marriage gift for a friend, a booking done for him/her to get pampering done at a popular spa, complete with aromatherapy and mud-baths to wipe away all the fatigue and get them rejuvenated for their new life.

Home Decor Gift Vouchers

As the couple is entering to all new life, they will surely look to decorate their house with great and modern furniture. Thus, gifting them voucher from any such store which they can use to decorate their dream home will be a nice gesture.

Couple’s love Journey on Google Map

This idea will be a unique one, to frame their journey on google map. This will also be special to them as it will be designed by their best friend.


Giving camera as a marriage gift for friends can be ideal, with which they will capture their special moments during honeymoon period or while they are out for a special dinner.

Photo Collage

One can capture special and important moments of the two along with some personalized messages of the near and dear ones in a digital or paper scrapbook.This will be certainly a very thoughtful gift.

Couple Watch

MThe gift of a couple watch is also a nice idea as it consists a secret message that their happy time has just started.

Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are always a good idea when thinking of a gift as it expresses blessings and good wishes for the newlyweds on their journey.


In India, cash gifts are a tradition which is also known as shagun. It not only allows the couple to choose the gift of their choice but also reduces the chances of getting similar gifts.

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